BCM 300 group contribution

During the semester in bcm 300 me as well as my other group members (daniel,kate and blake) developed, prototyped and iterated upon our board game called tentacle scramble. When we first created the group in week four we brainstormed different ideas we had about the direction of the game, Blake and daniel suggested listing the different existing board games we like, I listed the card games mafia and the resistance, fortunately my other group members listed similar social deduction games and so it was decided that this was the direction we wanted to take our game as well. 

In the following week a group template was expected to have been constructed on the shared class google document. I talked to my group members about what should be added, project ideas, schedule and roles we all somewhat had a direction to we would like to go, but it wasn’t clearly defined, I told the group id fill out the template with a rough timeline of what will be worked on and when, i suggested in the content schedule we should have a weekly focus on a certain aspect of the, game such as narrative, mechanics or design, until beginning work on the presentation in week 8. The other group members listed their preferred roles as well mentioning the idea of a social deduction card game.

In the next week we decided to draw and plot out the game as a group on paper. We were focused first on the theme and narrative of the game and we all agreed on a ocean theme that would work well with children. Admittedly I didn’t have a much to contribute ideas-wise compared my other group members, using Kate and Daniels ideas, Blake mapped out a sabotage card game were different animals we have different abilities, such as camouflage, However the game as it stood was hard to understand, so as a group we consulted our teacher Richard for ideas, he suggested to presume a flick game and reference the flick game Flick em up by Prestzal games, we decided then the primary character in the flick game would be a octopus.

In the following week Blake and Daniel were communicating on discord and me and Kate were in class, we were a little unsure how to continue with half the group missing, Blake and Daniel were both the strongest half of our team, in coming up with ideas and refining them quickly, not to say we didn’t have suggestions, we just weren’t as confident in implementing ideas as most as Blake and Daniel. 

We communicated to Blake and Daniel on discord and they reminded us of flick em up the game that was shown last week, I grabbed the paper Blake had previously been working on and drew down ideas Kate suggested, Kate came up with the idea to have enemies and obstacles on the board, the hero of the game would be the octopus battling the enemy sea otters. Towards the end of class I added to the class shared google document with the games story, mechanics and rules.

After two weeks later, Me and Kate returned to class and were worked out who was doing what Kaye agreed to do the video production and editing and was to write and record the script, As I started to research and joint down a few points for the script, we were contacted by Blake and Daniel on discord who both agreed to help out in the research and script. I stated the current state of the game on how it worked using a drawing I made

Blake like the thought the fish should be captured using a ring tied to band then dragged to the player. With this information, I started to draft the final script will Blake and Daniel improved the rules, mechanics in the class google document. Admittedly the half completed draft script I wrote was poorly written, Blake took the initiative to create his own document shared with the group, and he and Daniel began expanding on my points as well as adding their own information, including new rules, writing out a proposed budget, description of the game items and more. 

Later on me and Kate added our own information to blakes document and we recorded different section of the script set by Daniel. Needing evidence of a working prototype Blake offered to video himself playing our board game which was made using his own materials. I had difficulty recording all of my lines so Kate offered to record the rest, after all was recorded Kate solely produced and edited the video.

My group members were all incredibly helpful when I had questions and did most of the heavy lifting in research and the final script along with the initial game idea. All members were aware of their role in the development of the game from the start of production and were actively contributing throughout its duration, making project really enjoyable and relatively straight forward .

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