The weekly live tweeting exercise wasn’t something I had experienced before, and I found it at times both overwhelming but exciting. I should preface that I haven’t used a lot of Twitter in my spare time and haven’t engaged with the Twitter community in a scale like this scale before, having both a movie running alongside a constantly updating and fast paced wall of content was daunting, adding my own tweets to this constant information flood made me feel insecure about the quality of my tweets even if I personally believed they were informative or interesting. As all movies featured in the last 5 weeks were very action and spectacle orientated, it felt as though the films were expecting as much attention from me as I was expecting from my fellow BCM 325 Twitter users.

In the first few weeks my tweets did not receive much feedback or engagement, often zero to no retweets/likes/comments, there multiple possible reasons I identified that could be attributed this poor reception. Firstly, I had not followed many people and so not many people were alerted to my tweets, a problem I later fixed in the following weeks. Secondly there were some students did not fully understanding the exercise and there were some who had missed out both movies. I also recognized in these first two exercises that continued onto week five, some student’s tweets contained similar information to mine or visa-versa, often a tweet I posted after a similar one got no attention, this however, did drive me to find sources I was confident that no one else had found, but I only doing this in the last two weeks and may have missed a potentially large amount of attention. 

As the weeks progressed a began to receive more engagement from other BCM users, In week 3 I got the tweet with the highest engagement throughout the five weeks, I Believe the tweet worked so well is because the tweet features a major well known brand, and was surprising and unexpected, “The Origins of” videos usually do well on sites like YouTube and pull in high views.

One thing I should have taken more advantage of was hashtagging, we were all expected to use the #bcm325 hashtag but often the large amount of sudden discussion, pushed the title of the movie we were watching onto the trending page of Twitter, I should have capitalized on this and hastaged the movie to attempt to reach a audience outside the BCM community. 

While comment and retweeting on other people work, I noticed a pattern I found noteworthy, the seemed to be a lot of conformity bias on what tweets did well, tweets that passed the threshold of 5 or more tweets a snowball effect was created and the amount of attention the tweet received increased exponentially.

Overall I felt as though the live tweeting exercise was a challenging but a rewarding task depending on how much attention your tweets received on the day, If I was to do this exercise again, I would be better prepared with the knowledge of gathered from these last 5 weeks.

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